John Weiss Biography Continued:

... art classes. John Weiss' paintings of dogs and horses have an avid and loyal following.

“My career is a love affair,” says John Weiss. “The love of God and the talent He’s given me, the love of life, the love of my subject matter. And the love of sharing all of these gifts with others through paintings and the stories they tell.”

Weiss developed his appreciation for man’s best friend during his childhood in Akron, Ohio. “I’ve always loved dogs,” John says. “When I was a little boy my aunt Marian bought me a National Geographic book on dogs and I dove into it.”

His father was a draftsman to whom John credits his disciplined approach to art. He drew throughout his childhood and developed his skill in high school art classes. On a trip to Maine, he saw an exhibit of Andrew Wyeth’s work, which inspired him to pursue art while attending Kent State University.

He studied art at Kent State University and after college Weiss went into the landscape business. With the support of his wife, Tammy, he began painting full time. “I’m essentially self-taught,” he says, “having studied the work of artists I admire and learn from their methods and techniques. Experience is the best teacher.”  Hand-in-glove with experience goes perseverance. His dedication paid off, and in 1977 Weiss began painting full-time, primarily in oil.  Today a resident of Ohio, Weiss uses his art to support worthy causes in the area, and shows his work in a number of galleries nationwide.

John has painted some of the most important dogs of our time, having the joy and privilege of meeting and making many four-legged friends worldwide, and his avid and loyal collectors include many prominent families. John was commissioned by Lady Barlow to paint a portrait of a dog that was subsequently presented to Queen Elizabeth. Other notable collectors include as Jane Firestone, and John’s sketch of her German Shepard, Hatter, (the winningest dog in show dog history), is part of the AKC Museum of the Dog in St. Louis’ permanent collection.

Weiss is recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including the Cover of the Year award from the National Dog Writers Association, U.S. Art magazine’s Artist to Watch as well as the top print of the year honors. John’s artwork is reproduced as calendars, mugs, notepads, Christmas cards and notecards.

“I paint for the love of dogs, the many emotions they share. Some paintings are deeper emotional metaphors than other, but my hope is that they each capture the joy and encouragement of their faithful subjects. I’m truly blessed to be able to paint every day, and am thrilled to share my enjoyment with others through my work.”

Dog owners understand the devotion between people and their pets, but even people who don’t own a dog can share the emotion in the artwork of John Weiss. “Life can be rough on anybody,” the artist says, “so if I can create something that makes people feel better, then that’s what I’ll do.” Weiss’ paintings are much more than portraits: they convey the deep and loyal bond between dogs and their owners. No matter what a person’s problems, one look at the obvious warmth, friendship, dedication, and playfulness between John’s subjects can hardly help but lift your spirits.

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