Darryl Trott Biography Continued:

...Not confined as many artists are by language and location, Trott has achieved international recognition adding freshness and style to his already worldwide subject… thousands of beautiful flowers.

At the age of six, Darryl knew that his fingers and watercolor paint were a natural mix. But it was thirty years before his childhood love of flowers and art were brought to the surface by Ruth Tuck, a great Australian floral artist and teacher. A sellout exhibition at Newton Gallery in Adelaide in 1977 followed by a trip to America and Trott's destiny was clear.

He has exhibited continually in the U.S.A. since and has painted - Tulips for Queen Beatrix of Holland. Wild Flowers for Lady Bird Johnson. Irises for the American Iris Society. (Who selected his work as the first artist to be published for their membership in its 65 years of existence.)

Darryl Trott was a world renowned artist with a singular passion - flowers. Wonderful, vibrant, spectacular, breath-taking flowers. This single subject has taken Darryl around the world in a series of captivating exhibitions. "It's simply flowers as they are," he says. "I add depth, some perspective, color and composition. But the basic recipe is already made by nature."

Trott paints in watercolors, using delicate washes to bring his flowers to life. From exotic rain forest blooms, to common wild flowers, his touch brings out a vibrancy that is often sought but rarely mastered. Darryl says "I like to capture movement in my paintings, the feeling of flowers blending together in an exciting yet natural harmony. I believe that flowers should be painted in their natural habitat, as their subtle shades of color alter when they are cut."

Darryl Trott recently died in Australia where he made his home. The art world morns his passing as no one else will fill the void he left in his art genre.

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