Janine Salzman Biography Continued:

...of this Mediterranean seaport, she wanted to paint the beauty that surrounded her. Her earliest creative impulses,however, were stifled by her conservative Orthodox family.

Later in Paris where she attended secondary school, she discovered the great French and British landscape painters such as Corot and Constable and was captivated by the genius of nineteenth century impressionist masters such as Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Monet. But her family continued to discourage her from pursuing the study of art.

Finally in Los Angeles years later as a young wife and mother of two daughters she found herself liberated, back in Mediterranean-like sunlight and now exposed to the strong plein air painting tradition of nineteenth and twentieth century California. Now she was determined to follow her dream. She dedicated every moment she could to painting. After years of disciplined hard work and many courses taught by international contemporary masters such as C. Hartley, J. Mendez and J. Wang, she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a professional artist.

Janine maintains active contact with her fellow artists through workshops and memberships in professional groups such as the Southern California Plein Air Painter, California Art Club, and Laguna Plein Air Painters.

Janine’s artwork is in both private and corporate collections. She is exclusively
represented in North America by West Bay Fine Art.

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