Randy Peyton Biography Continued:

...knew what I wanted to do." However, just because he was destined to be an artist did not mean he was not going to need plenty of determination.

In the schools he attended there were no art classes. So, every spare minute he painted on his own, teaching himself and developing his abilities. His work turned out to be so good that a local restaurant began selling his paintings as fast as Randy could paint them. Since Peyton also demonstrated a flair for math, he enrolled in college, his goal was to acquire a degree in computer science. After a couple of years, his interest in his major waned. He dropped out and moved to Dallas where he lived with his sister and brother-in-law. "I worked at a bank, marketing and designing pamphlets and billboards. The minute I got off of work, I painted."

In 1981 Randy decided to move back to San Antonio, where he lives today, to pursue his painting full time. Peyton's first one?man show was an overwhelming success. All of his paintings sold in less than an hour. The artist quickly developed such a following that collectors fought over his work. "It was heady stuff for a young man of 23," adds Peyton.

The artist continued to focus on the Texas Hill Country until he traveled to Europe in 1987. He fell in love with European landscapes and cityscapes and in particular, Monet's famous lily pads. Monet inspired a new series in which Peyton combined Texas landscapes with lily pads. "I took Monet's idea and put a Texas twist on it," explains Peyton.

Randy plans to continue to travel and gather information with which to relate through his paintings. He emphasizes, "I'm totally dedicated to painting and plan to be doing this as long as I live."
Peyton has always worked in oils. He considers himself a disciplined painter, who arrives in his studio about 7:30am and works for 12 hours a day. His companions are a wood burning stove, "tons of artbooks", and romantic Mexican music.

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