Mort Künstler Dealer Seminar and Washington D.C. - 2006
Virginia Crossings Resort - Richmond, Virginia
Mort Künstler's 2006 Dealer Seminar was
held at Virginia Crossings Resort in Richmond,
Virginia on September 17th and 18th.
Arrival at Mort Kunstler Show
April and I have just arrived and we're going
to check-in. Today we're going as a group on
a James River Canal Cruise in Richmond.
Seminar Group Shot at James River Canal Tour
Group Photo of the participating galleries, April and
I are hiding near the center at the back.
Embarkation on Canal Tour
The first mate is preparing to weigh anchor, the
moment of embarkation is nigh. (Sailor talk) 
 Touring the Richmond Canal
Jane Künstler and Paula served soft drinks and
refreshments and the weather was perfect.
 Richbrau Brewing Company - Richmond, VA
The "Texas Entourage" tried out some local flavors
at Richbrau Brewing Company in Richmond.
 Mort and Debbi Kunstler, April Johnston
Mort Künstler and his wife Debbi, and April -
Texas Art Depot won the farthest away award.
Mort Kunstler's Until We Meet Again - Masterpiece Collection 
April and Mort and his Masterpiece Collection
Giclée on Canvas "Until We Meet Again"
United States Capital, Washington D.C. 
I arranged a tour of the United States Capital
and the Whitehouse with our U.S. Congressman
since we were going to be so close to Washington.
 April and Mike Johnston, Louie Gohmert
Texas District 1 Congressman Louie Gohmert, April
and I from the Capital Building Dome, looking down
the Mall towards the Washington Monument. 
 April and Stephen Hammonds MP - Wimbledon, UK
We also had the pleasure of touring with Stephen
Hammonds who serves in the British Parliament
representing the Wimbledon Area of the UK.
 View Down the Mall from Lincoln Memorial
Since we were not allowed to take photos in the
Whitehouse, I included this photo from the Lincoln
Memorial back toward the Washington Monument.
 One Eyed Mike's - Fell's Point, Baltimore, Maryland
Our favorite evening was at "One Eyed Mike's"
at Fell's Point in Baltimore, MD. The stuffed Lobster was awesome, and so was the staff.
 Steve and Debbie Jenkins
Steve and Debbie Jenkins are our dear friends
who traveled with us and Steve was the main
paparazzo who took these photos for our album.