Christa Kieffer Biography Continued:

...throughout Europe before moving to the United States to attend the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

Working primarily in oil on canvas, Kieffer often uses glares to create a luminous look and feel to her paintings. She is motivated by her perception of the excitement of community in all its splendor and believes that this experience was most expressive during the Belle Epoque era in France. Ms. Kieffer travels to Paris frequently, rising in the early hours of dawn to walk the boulevards and photograph the enchantment of a city cloaked in the mystery and memories of a glorious past.

"My paintings are mostly about the City as Playground at a point in time when there seemed to be the perfect balance of excitement and leisure, movement and tranquility, small pleasures in the midst of architectural splendor. The streets and thoroughfares offered the joy of movement and variety to be viewed from an elegant sidewalk cafe or a stroll down the avenue. Here was the human spectacle in all its exuberance and, yet, the safety of community.

"I chose to paint this more gracious time mostly at dusk, the `magic hour, that span of mellow time between a perfect spring or summer day and the excitement of the coming cosmopolitan nightlife. To me, the transition of light is especially appealing. I get great pleasure out of capturing the effects and juxtaposition of natural and man made light in an atmosphere of cultural layering."

Ms. Kieffer has a fellowship at Art Center of Design and is cofounder of Gallery One in Point Reyes. She currently lives in a small rural community surrounded by Point Reyes National Park in California.

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