George Hallmark Biography Continued:

...more time to painting fine art. In 1979, he traveled to Utah to study with William Whitaker, then Professor in Residence at BYU.

     Working in oil on canvas, Hallmark chooses his subjects for their architectural interest, striving for a dramatic play of light and shadow within. The artist has a strong sense of design from his studies in architecture, and draws upon this expertise to create paintings that are a rich blend of composition, color and depth ? while conveying a more personal sense of "being there." Paul Harvey, the voice of America, acknowledged this personal connection and said to Hallmark, "You have a gift for strumming the heartstrings like nobody since Rockwell."

     The artist has an impressive list of credentials. His work can be found among the prestigious collections of the Texas Capitol, Texas Instruments, Medical Heritage Collection, Blue Bell Creamery, and the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Hallmark has won many awards including selection as Official Texas State Artist. In 1999, his work will be included in the Artists of America Show in Denver. He is represented by Trailside Galleries in Scottsdale and Jackson Hole.

     Today, Hallmark and his family live in Bosque County, in the Texas Hill Country. Their home, designed by the artist, is a white wood frame house with a tin roof. It stands on a hillside overlooking the valley door below. In this quiet country setting, George Hallmark has found that balance between family and art, between work and creativity. "The longer I paint, the more I enjoy this wonderful blessing of creation. The good Lord gave me this incredible desire to be an artist, the rest has been just plain, hard work."

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