Liliana Frasca Biography Continued:

...Metropolitan Museum in New York. It became clear at an early age that Frasca was destined for a career in fine arts.

     She immigrated to Europe and continued to develop her artistic skills in oils. She began to paint in earnest, traveling to numerous beautiful spots in Italy Spain, France, and Portugal, gathering ideas for her magnificent landscapes and seascapes. Demand for her art flourished after she relocated to Southern California with her family In 1976 The California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles hosted Frascas first museum show. The mastery of her many one-woman shows has helped put Frascas elegant style in the forefront of modern landscape artists. Her art has met with great success. Several of her images have been featured in The Museum Shop American Express catalogues, thus having Frasca join the ranks of masters such as Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh.

     Frascas work can be described as realistic with an impressionistic flavor; as she is quite precise with perspective and architectural details. Graceful shadows and magnificent reflections adorn her images, filled with soft colors and vantage points that seem to bring you willingly into the luxurious landscapes she paints. Having a great color sense, she captures all the hues within a specific color range and coordinates them flawlessly with other ranges, using several in each image. These elements allow you to feel yourself sitting on a balcony overlooking a romantic harbor, or strolling through an archway of flowers. You become a part of the painting, possibly sharing the feelings Frasca had when she first witnessed each image.

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