Collin Bogle Biography Continued:

Growing up in suburban Seattle, Collin Bogle enjoyed outdoor exercise and he loved art. In high school, he learned the concepts of techniques, composition and design from his father, Lee Bogle, a seasoned artist and teacher. Collin quickly caught on, adding unique perspectives and rich details to class assignments. He became known in high school as "the artist," and eventually took home the Award of Excellence in drawing and painting from graduation ceremonies. After a summer apprenticing for his father, he decided to make art his career.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Collin does not limit himself to one subject or medium. From wildlife to floral, he uses pastels, colored pencils and airbrush to bring a sense of realism to his canvases. "I paint because I like to generate a feeling from an idea. The challenge for me is to paint so that others can share the same feeling."

"Light plays a major role in my work," states the artist.  "An abundance of light and shadows creates a playground for me, and allows a painting to take on a life of its own.

The artist's paintings are not limited to any one subject or medium and demonstrate great flexibility and technical versatility to create the superbly-lighted, realistic and almost photographic images that have gained him an impressive reputation and following.

Collin Bogle has exhibited in art shows through the United States and his originals are on display in prominent galleries nationwide.

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