Dave Barnhouse Biography Continued:

Currently, Barnhouse has settled into the American genre, constantly working with illumination and adding a nostalgic touch to make viewers feel they are actually present and a part of the painting.

David Barnhouse recreates the best of times in his definition of rural and small town America. David Barnhouse's portraits are freeze frames of life the way he remembers it in the 1950s and 60s. "Collectors tell me they often put themselves in my art. It’s a way we all can relive some of the happiest moments of our youth."

Barnhouse’s works have earned many awards and honors, and he has been included in InformArt’s “Top 10 Hottest New Artists” in 1995, and he has been voted one of America’s most popular print artists in dealer surveys by U.S. Art Magazine for the last four years, 1995-1998

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