Pati Bannister Biography Continued:

...Pati Bannister was born in north London, England, into a family of accomplished artists. After an early career as an illustrator for children's books and the famous English equestrian publication, Riding, she worked as a special effects artist for the J. Arthur Rank film studios where she further developed a keen and sensitive eye for detail and color mixing, and their impact on all aspects of design and composition in a work of art.

In 1952, Pati Bannister moved to the U.S. and later settled on the Mississippi Gulf Coast overlooking a wildlife sanctuary. There she explores the female psyche, posing the young ladies of her imagination with exotic flowers, gossamer fabrics, and filigreed lace in fine Victorian parlors, beside rain-swept windows, along lone country roads. Her juxtaposition of delicate natural beauty with steadfast matter is a key element of Pati Bannister's unique style and extraordinary popularity.

But it's the intangible quality of her women toward which people of all ages and backgrounds are irresistibly drawn. From innocent child to sensual maiden there exists in Bannister's females an ethereal vulnerability one wants to protect along with an inherent strength one wants to know. Here is an artist who is master of the feminine mystique.

Pati Bannister's continuous endeavor to capture and preserve the tranquility, beauty, and aura of her astute vision through painting and sculpture is the essence of her life. She is pleased to share the results with you.

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